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Harrisburg, PA 17110

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Your loved ones expect and hope for the kindest, most compassionate, and loving caregivers that could ever walk in their home. The professional and skilled caregivers who we send to your home provide a comprehensive and organized skill set that establishes the standard by which other home care agencies emulate.



Keystone Passionate Care was founded on the principle that health care gets better when clients get better care at home—the place they most want to be. The lasting relationship between our caregivers and clients is something that we foster and grow. From the first meeting to our monthly check-in phone calls and visits, we’re committed to ensuring a long-term relationship.

Did You Know:

  • You can get paid to take care of your own family member or friend!
  • You can transfer your service needs to Keystone if you are unhappy with your current situation as a Caregiver or Client?
  • That our In-Take team is incredibly experienced and prepared to assist you with PA’s State Waiver Program for In-Home Care!
  • We offer Health Care, Dental, Vision and Paid Vacation for all our Caregivers.

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