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Keystone Passionate Care Unlocks Your Home Care Dreams!

As we all age, the risk of living at home alone increases, bringing up an area of concern for loved ones. Your family members can provide a lot of support when they help with your personal care, but what happens if they are unable? What if they are too far away? What happens when you need a little more professional help at home? If this thought process sounds familiar to you or your elder loved one, the exceptional services provided by Keystone Passionate Care in Harrisburg, PA, may just be the answer you’re looking for. So many have been thoroughly researched options such as this. CNN wrote an eye-opening article during the pandemic, which is what has been an integral part of elders choosing home care instead. You are not alone!

Keystone Passionate Care has concrete core values that include passion, integrity, dependability, and overall quality. In these values and standards are where they are quickly becoming one of the premier home care agencies in Pennsylvania. Keystone is devoted to maintaining a certain status of honesty – we will always be upfront and open with your family every step of the way, intending to provide superior service to every single family we support. These expert services are built for ensuring your loved ones are cared for and taken care of when there may be extra help needed.

One of the key highlights at Keystone, is their encouragement and capacity to hire who you love and trust. What does that mean, exactly? Do you already have a loved one, friend, or neighbor, who is willing to step in? If so, we will walk them through our employment application process and hire them just for you and your home care. This can remove a lot of anxiety about having someone new enter your home, and we strive to make sure our clients are as comfortable as possible.

Outside of this option, we of course have excellent caregivers waiting in the wings! Hiring top-notch care is a priority. The interview process and hiring steps are thoroughly handled with attention to details that would best benefit our clients; including, detailed applications, in-person interviews, background checks, health screens, a competency test, and their provided references are always thoroughly checked. We are committed, and pride ourselves with providing a steady and dependable home care experience.

At the end of the day, tailored home care services can be a great option for many facing the challenges of aging. Our aides can help make sure your loved ones are devotedly looked after, bringing full confidence that you are receiving the level of care needed to remain in your own home. Weigh all your options carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to make sure you get the right solutions for your family.

When you’re ready, give us call. We offer free consultations, and a Keystone representative will walk you through our intake process with care for your specific home situation. No need to worry or wonder about the steps, we will help take care of it all while you move forward with confidence.

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