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Unhappy as a Care Giver or Client?

It can happen despite the best of intentions and careful case management; you’ve become unhappy with your home care or other services that make up your home care package. Or maybe the problem is bigger than that, and you’ve lost faith in your provider altogether.

If you have a desired outcome that will fix the problem for you, be clear what it is. Remember that reviewing your care plan should be an option, and it’s up to you to decide which services you want.

We would be happy to have a discussion with you about what your desired needs are and how we can help deliver the quality of care that you deserve in your own home. As a care giver you realize the limitations of what you can offer through your current agency on behalf of your clients. If that is the case, you too can start a discussion with us to learn how much better things can be here at Keystone Passionate Care.

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